ITU recently sent out an email with a subject of:

"Password expirations to begin August 7, 2011"

This email is legitimate and is not a phishing atttempt - although it 
might be somewhat incomplete and potentially confusing. Below are some 
more details:

On August 7, the login password for:


will change from the current password to your GMU netID password (the 
one for PatriotWeb and email). However, to access the systems above 
after Sunday, August 7, you must change your GMU password to force the 
new password to be sent to those systems.

To change your password, go to:

and select option 2 - then follow the prompts. You will also have to go 
through a security awareness quiz which is required by the Commonwealth 
of Virginia.

Please remember that you will have to reset your password on any client 
(Outlook, Thunderbird, iPhone, iPad, etc.) you use to read email.

If you don't use INB or the other applications, you do NOT have to do 
anything at this time. However, later this month GMU will begin a 
process that will force all email passwords to change every 6 months. 
They will send out password expiration warnings when that process begins 
and then every 6 months.

Please contact me if you have any questions about this. Please contact 
ITU Support at 993-8870 if you have any problems with the password 
change process or with accessing INB, etc.

Jonathan Goldman                    Volgenau School of Engineering
Director of Computing Resources            George Mason University
(703) 993-3506                         4400 University Dr. MSN 4A3
fax  (703) 993-3977                         Fairfax, VA 22030-4444