My only worry is that the two generators may couple and make the period
shorter.  As long as they remain separate (no model code uses the
guirandom and no gui code uses the model random), it seems OK.

Sean Luke wrote circa 11-08-20 02:31 PM:
> 1. The random number generator is presently called "guirandom".  I could
> call it "random", which would be consistent with state.random, but I'm
> worried it'd confuse people.  Should I not be worried?  Or can anyone
> think of a better name?  These variable names last forever.

I think it's useful to use a different name and "guirandom" is nice.

> 2. The generator is created at GUIState construction time and is never
> recreated thereafter (unless you want to do so yourself).  I think
> that's the proper strategy.

FWIW, I like that.  The guirandom lives as long as the gui lives.

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