Hi folks!

We have written a visual environment creator for 2D-MASON-Simulations.
With this tool you can built an 2D Sparse-Grid based environment with
the help of a graphical UI. This tool uses a flexible typsystem so you
can create your MASON classes (e.g. for ways, houeses, trees, etc) as
normal, save descriptions (properties like max height, max width, or
simulation based properties like capacity of a transporter) in simple
xml files, than use our tool to create, move, resize, remove or resort
your environment parts to your complete environment, save this
environment and automagicaly generate an SparseGrid2D as environment
for the simulation. For our interest (building warehouses to simulate
intra-logistic dynamics) this saved us a ton of time (creating
diferent warehouse with just a few mouse clicks). Now we are thinking
about writing a short paper or an extended abstract and a poster about
this tool and after publishing this on an conference we would like to
publish the tool and a manual also.

My Question now is: Is there already anything like this available?
With a quick search via google ive found nothing, but maybe someone
knows about an similary tool.

Best whishes,

Christoph Schwarz