Christoph, the closest thing I'm aware of is a project I've had of  
doing a Netlogo-ish agent language in scheme which has full access to  
MASON.  But that's a far cry from what you're working on.  We'd love  
to see what you're up to!

Also if you'd like to get a slot on the SVN server in the contrib  
directory to put it somewhere "official", let me know.


On Jul 5, 2011, at 8:27 AM, Christoph Schwarz wrote:

> Hi folks!
> We have written a visual environment creator for 2D-MASON-Simulations.
> With this tool you can built an 2D Sparse-Grid based environment with
> the help of a graphical UI. This tool uses a flexible typsystem so you
> can create your MASON classes (e.g. for ways, houeses, trees, etc) as
> normal, save descriptions (properties like max height, max width, or
> simulation based properties like capacity of a transporter) in simple
> xml files, than use our tool to create, move, resize, remove or resort
> your environment parts to your complete environment, save this
> environment and automagicaly generate an SparseGrid2D as environment
> for the simulation. For our interest (building warehouses to simulate
> intra-logistic dynamics) this saved us a ton of time (creating
> diferent warehouse with just a few mouse clicks). Now we are thinking
> about writing a short paper or an extended abstract and a poster about
> this tool and after publishing this on an conference we would like to
> publish the tool and a manual also.
> My Question now is: Is there already anything like this available?
> With a quick search via google ive found nothing, but maybe someone
> knows about an similary tool.
> Best whishes,
> Christoph Schwarz