On Jun 6, 2011, at 3:08 PM, Kyle D. Feuz wrote:

> I believe there is a bug in the new preference loading mechanism.   
> When the
> checkbox item Repeat Play on Stop is modified and saved it is not  
> correctly
> reloaded.  Visually, the checkbox items will be checked or unchecked  
> as they
> should be but the underlying boolean values are not updated.  To fix  
> this
> problem, the resetToPreferences method in the console class should  
> have the
> following line added.
> setShouldRepeat(repeatButton.isSelected());

Good catch.  Thanks Kyle, I've updated it.

WARNING all: lots of tweaks to MASON recently as I'm making my way  
through writing the display portion of the manual (ugh, it's a lot of  
writing).  Plus a few bug reports from locals.  Some less common  
methods have been moved, other more common ones have been deprecated.   
Let me know if this triggers any bugs.

> In my Console class I have also added a property called  
> "Automatically Stop
> after Seed."  This allows me to run a specified number of trials and  
> then
> stop.  If others would find this functionality useful I can share  
> the code.

Hmmmm.   This sounds like you've set it up for MASON to look for a  
certain seed value.  Perhaps it might be more intuitive to create a  
property that runs for N trials?