Hello PhD Students in History,

After a discussion with the Graduate Academic Affairs office in the 
College, I wanted all of you planning to advance to candidacy for the 
fall 2011 term to be aware of the following important information:

1.) All requirements necessary to advance must be complete and the 
corresponding paperwork in to me by *_Tuesday, August 16th_* (firm 
deadline) if you plan to advance in the fall 2011 term.

2.) This deadline has been set because your advancement material must be 
reviewed by three separate offices, including the Graduate Dean's office 
and the Registrar, in advance of the first day of classes of the fall 
2011 term (August 29th).

3.) Further, it is to your benefit that your advancement be put through 
prior to the first day of classes as students are subject to a $250.00 
late registration fee if they register for 999 on or after the first day 
of classes.

4.) Requirements to advance to candidacy can be found in the revised 
version of the PhD Rules and Guidelines sent to you earlier-also located 
here: http://historyarthistory.gmu.edu/PhD%20Rules%20and%20Guidelines

5.) Attached is the dissertation committee form that must be completed 
and submitted to me prior to the advancement deadline-also found here: 

6.) For additional required forms, please see the following: 
*Students are responsible for acquiring all necessary signatures prior 
to submitting such required forms.

7.) Once advanced, all students will need to request a 999 code for 
registration purposes.  Please review the information found in this link 
to understand the process involved: http://chss.gmu.edu/grad999request

Your anticipated cooperation is appreciated!
Best wishes,

Rana C. FitzGerald Graduate Coordinator Department of History and Art 
History George Mason University Robinson Hall B 354 Tel: 703-993-1248 
Fax: 703-993-1251 http://historyarthistory.gmu.edu/