Dear CGE Alumni,

On Thursday May 12, 2011 from 10am to 6pm
we will
host our first-ever Study Abroad Alumni Appreciation Day
to recognize you and your many accomplishments abroad! 

Take a study break, wear your CGE t-shirt, and stop by the
NEW study abroad office for some (FREE) healthy study
snacks and info on events coming up this summer and fall.   

RSVP to this email or write on the facebook event page
with one of the following:

Yes!--10 am             Yes!--3 pm              Yes!--6 pm

Remember to wear your CGE t-shirt!
Looking forward to
seeing you May 12. Good luck on your studies!


Anne Stickney
University of Malta Year Program alumnae
Center for Global Education

p.s. Go to and write a review about your
CGE program. This website is mainly used for non-Mason
students so tell them why they should go on the study abroad
program you went on!