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Date: Wed, May 4, 2011 at 10:05 AM
Subject: International Baccalaureate is seeking 3 summer interns for its
Global Research Department
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Subject: International Baccalaureate Summer Internships

International Baccalaureate is seeking 3 summer interns for its Global
Research Department 


The International Baccalaureate ( is a non-profit educational
organization offering curriculum, professional development and assessment
worldwide.  IB is a recognized leader in the field of international
education. IB Programmes encourage students to be active learners,
well-rounded individuals and engaged world citizens.

The IBís Global Research Department undertakes projects to analyze and
assess the impact of our programmes on students and schools, to assure the
quality of our professional development and school services activities, to
inform the development of our curriculum and programmes, and to stay abreast
of current research on the IB and international education more broadly.


To these ends, the part-time research interns will provide support to the
global research staff in carrying out research projects, quality assurance
activities, and on-going operational objectives, as well as have an
opportunity to explore personal areas of interest in relation to research on
the IB and international education. Interns will assist with research and
literature reviews, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, maintenance
of the IBís International Education Research Database, survey design and
implementation,  , research report writing, editing and synthesizing for
internal and external audiences, obtaining copyright permissions, and other
tasks as assigned.


The IB offers interns:

    * a flexible working schedule and environment
    * the possibility of publishing work
    * accommodation of various skill sets and interests 
    * the opportunity to work with Ph.D. mentors
    * the opportunity to receive course credit or fulfill degree requirements
    * Networking opportunities in the field of international education



Engage in research related activities to further enhance their academic

Review and synthesize external research so that the research departments and
the IB staff are aware of current studies and findings, conduct research and
prepare abstracts, as requested, on specific topics

Write and edit reports, abstracts, summaries, or other analysis on research
and their relevant findings to inform and update on research to the wider IB

Develop and maintain an inventory of research of interest to IB in order to
facilitate planning and prioritization of future projects

Collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data from surveys to
establish valid measures to evaluate services provided by the organization.

Analyse and prepare reports on relevant data in order to  share findings of
data analysis with relevant stakeholders

Provide administrative support to the research department



Bachelors degree in education, psychology or another field that provides
exposure to research methods

Work or experience of at least 2 years in an education, non-profit or
academic setting.

Strong research and analytical skills for finding, reviewing, evaluating and
synthesizing reports, articles, and publications containing quantitative
and/or qualitative data

Strong ability to understand, review and evaluate education research theory,
methodology and projects within national and international contexts

Ability to write and edit research reports, including review of proper
research citations, techniques, and methods of analysis

Proven computer skills; proficiency with or ability to quickly learn MS
Office and Web 2.0 tools

Excellent organizational skills with a strong ability to manage multiple
projects within deadlines

Excellent writing, editing and communication skills for communication of
information on research

    * Ability to work collaboratively with an international and
multicultural staff across the organization often located in different parts
of the globe
    * Experience with data analysis software such as SPSS, SAS, or Nvivo is
a plus


To apply, or request more information, please send your resume and a one
page cover letter to [log in to unmask]


Joan Stahle

Program Office Manager

Ph.D. in Education Program

4400 University Drive, MS 1D5

Fairfax, Virginia 22030

(703) 993-2011

Fax: 703-993-2063

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