NEW COURSE: Fall 2011
HIST 585
Islam in South Asia: 1000 AD to Present
Instructed by: Professor Sarah Waheed ([log in to unmask])
Wednesday 7:20pm-10:00pm
Robinson A 245
CRN 79582

Muslims in South Asia constitute the largest population of Muslims worldwide. This is an advanced course on the history of Muslim communities and Islamic institutions in South Asia. Its aim is to introduce students to the broad historical currents of the expansion of Islam in the Indian subcontinent, the nature of Muslim political authority, the interaction between religious communities (Hindu, Muslim, etc.,), Islamic aesthetics and contributions to material culture, the multiple engagements and reactions of Muslims to colonial rule, the partition of British India and the creation of Pakistan, and the contemporary concerns of South Asia’s Muslims. This course is also an introduction to the political, cultural, and social history of this diverse group of people. We will begin by examining Muslim encounters with South Asian peoples in the pre-modern and early modern periods.

Themes that continue to influence the peoples of South Asia in the present include: the codification of Islamic laws under colonialism, Muslim social reform, revivalist movements, the rise of anti-colonial movements and nationalism, the relevance of regional identities, the partition of the subcontinent, and post-colonial politics in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Texts and readings will draw upon recent secondary research as well as historical and literary primary source materials.
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