Good Afternoon All,

During yesterday's community brown bag gathering of ABFAS a motion was put forth 
and adopted to suspend Articles V & VI of the organization's bylaws and extend 
the currently serving Executive Committee and Officers' terms  to serve in that 
capacity for 2011 - 2013.  The Executive Committee will consist of:

*President *- Kevin R. Slaughter, Capitol Connection/GMU-TV
*Vice President & Treasurer* - Collette Lawson, Public & International Affairs
*Secretary* - Carol Daugherty,  Corporate & Foundation Relations
*Sergeant -at-Arms* - Garey Davis, Multicultural Research & Resource Center

*Membership & Public Relations Committee Chair* - Mariam Boney, University 
*Fiscal Affairs Committee Chair* - Collette Lawson, Public & International Affairs
*Personal & Professional Development Committee Chair* - vacant/inactive
*Student Concerns Committee Chair* - vacant/inactive

My thanks to my colleagues for their continued service in ABFAS as we continue 
to grow and move the organization forward.