Some of you may have received an email from Leslie Painter regarding 
renewal of our maintenance agreement for Adobe software products.

If you received one of these emails, you must follow the instructions 
and renew your maintenance agreements at once. This will ensure that you 
continue to be eligible for new version releases of the Adobe product(s) 
that you are using. Because of the way their maintenance agreements 
work, everything at GMU expired in January and the new contract terms 
have been under negotiation since then. If Adobe announces a new version 
before your renewal is processed, they will no longer permit you to 
renew for that product and you would have to pay the new purchase price.

Please note that even if my staff installed the software using our 
office copy, we did so using the license you purchased and will need 
proof of current license status for future re-installations or upgrades.

Please contact me if you have any questions about this.

Jonathan Goldman                    Volgenau School of Engineering
Director of Computing Resources            George Mason University
(703) 993-3506                         4400 University Dr. MSN 4A3
fax  (703) 993-3977                         Fairfax, VA 22030-4444