Dear ECE Faculty and Students, 

Mr. Donald E. Jarvis will be offering a tutorial seminar entitled "From
Learning Regular Languages to Finite System Identification " on March 24th
from 3-4 pm in room 3202 in the Nguyen Engineering Building. All interested
faculty and students are welcome to attend.  Please see abstract attached


From Learning Regular Languages to Finite System Identification


Tutorial Seminar



Donald E. Jarvis

March 24, 2011  3pm-4pm

Nguyen Engineering Building, Room 3202






In 1987 Dana Angluin presented an efficient algorithm for inference of a
regular language from queries and counterexamples.  Today this algorithm is
considered a seminal result in Computational Learning Theory.


Although Angluin's references trace back to identification research in the
systems and control literature, there seems to be little awareness of the
algorithm in contemporary systems theory.  (As used here, identification
refers to the systems problem of constructing a model empirically from
observations of input-output behavior.) This tutorial seminar is a
presentation of Angluin's algorithm from a systems theory viewpoint.  As an
application example, the identification of a simple digital circuit will be





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