Okay, here are the problems I am having. scheduleImmediateRepast method
is deprecated in my version of Mason. Frame.show() is deprecated as
well, not sure that matters as I guess the pack method takes care of
that now. The chart never gets initialized in my init method for some
reason. When the start method is called, chart is null.


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On Mar 1, 2011, at 6:20 PM, Samuel W. Brett (SWB) wrote:

> Well the addSeries method seems to be deprecated. In addition, the how

> to says to put certain code in the init method of the gui class.
> Whenever I put the code in there it never seems to get called.

Hmmm, there are *no* deprecated methods in the MASON charting code.   
addSeries is correct, so I'm confused.

The init(...) method will be called once, when the GUI for your
simulation is being fired up (more specifically, when the Console has
been created).  It's *definitely* being called -- it's a very important
method!  Are you perhaps returning from this method before you get to
the chart code?  Or have you built an init(...) method somewhere else?
It's the method in your GUIState subclass.

To double-check, I cut-and-pasted from the HowTo code into sim/app/ 
antsforage/AntsForageWithUI.java to try it out, and it works nicely.   
Here's some code for you to double-check against.