On 22.03.2011, at 13:15, Sean Luke wrote:

> So I'm interested: what kind of code are you executing before and after each step?  Is there a reason why MASON's "ordering" facility wouldn't be sufficient?  Should we be thinking about adding a gizmo to the existing Schedule?

The general idea is to execute some sort of user defined code before each step and after each step. The calling sequence is
	<user def. code1> <Steppable 1> <Steppable2> ... <Steppable n> <user def. code2>

I'd like to gather some statistics for each simulation step but not for a equidistant time progress. Ordering will not help because I have to track each scheduleXXXX invocation if I have to insert a BEFORE event and an AFTER event for the scheduled event and hence simulation step.

The simplest solution (otherwise I'm simply stupid and do not see the obvious solution) is to extend the Schedule class to overwrite the step method.

Hope that explains my problem,