On Mar 2, 2011, at 11:32 AM, Samuel W. Brett (SWB) wrote:

> Okay, here are the problems I am having. scheduleImmediateRepast  
> method
> is deprecated in my version of Mason. is deprecated as
> well, not sure that matters as I guess the pack method takes care of
> that now.

Ah right.  Don't worry about that. These methods will still work but  
you're right, they might go away.  Instead, use  
scheduleRepeatingImmediatelyAfter(new Steppable() { ... });  and  

pack() does not set a frame to visible to my knowledge.

> The chart never gets initialized in my init method for some
> reason. When the start method is called, chart is null.

In the version of the code I sent you as well?  That would be most  
unusual -- it works fine here.

Look carefully at the difference between your code and the one I  
provided, particularly the init() and start() methods.  Since mine is  
working, there's got to be some important difference.

Also, just for debugging consistency, make sure you're using the  
version of JFreeChart that's provided in the file on the  
MASON website.