Encoding/decoding of strings was not working correctly with escape characters for me. I had to change the decoding switch case somewhat because it was falling into the "unicode sequence" trap for no apparent reason.
The following change was necessary to make this work (but see the warning below before making this change without checking your own sources):
[Code.java, line 479]
                else if (c=='\\')  // escape
                    if ( x >= len )
                        { d.type = DecodeReturn.T_ERROR; d.s = "Unterminated String"; return; }
                    if (dat.charAt(x)!='u' && inUnicode)
                        { d.type = DecodeReturn.T_ERROR; d.s = "Escape character in Unicode sequence"; return; }
                    switch (dat.charAt(x))
CAVEAT EMPTOR: I am working with significantly altered sources at the moment, so this may not show up for others the way it has for me. I am referencing the original source code linenumber above. If you don't use the "Code" class for this kind of thing, you might want to just ignore this. ;-)
Ben S.