On Mar 17, 2011, at 9:27 PM, Jimin Park wrote:

> Could somebody please give me some help?
> I tried putting
> stat.file = $out.stat
> line in the params file, to see if it makes any difference, but no  
> luck there.
> There is only one out.stat file in ecj's root folder and this never  
> gets changed.
> When I run the tutorial, is it supposed to create a new out.stat  
> file somewhere?
> I would like to see the results of my GP in a tree like form visually.

It's got to be there somewhere, not sure where your IDE is hiding it.

Instead of $out.stat, you might try an explicit path.  For example, if  
you're on a Mac, you might try

stat.file = /Users/jimin/Desktop/out.stat

(or something like that)

Or if you're on Windows you might try something like:

stat.file = c:\documents and settings\jimin\desktop\out.stat

(or maybe...)

stat.file = c:/documents and settings/jimin/desktop/out.stat

(I'm not sure how Java interacts with paths in Windows)

Also your file doesn't have to be named out.stat, so you could try:

stat.file = $my.file

And then search for "my.file" on your hard drive.

> I tried to print the result in C-ish format like in the tutorial.
> I got the following error.
> Parameter no longer used.  See GPTree.java for details.
> PARAMETER: pop.subpop.0.species.ind.tree.0.c
>     ALSO: gp.tree.c
> Just thought I should put it up.
> Maybe the tutorial is out of date and doesn't work
> with the new ECJ version?

Thanks, I'll check the tutorial.  The parameter has now changed to:


There are two options you can try also:


The tutorial should work just fine still; though it's true the current  
version has made a bunch of improvements.