Hi Jimin.  The output you listed at the end of your message is written  
to the statistics file (by default called "out.stat").  The output you  
saw in red is printed to the screen.  These are different things.

Look for the out.stat file and see if it contains more or less the  
same stuff that's in the tutorial.  Note that it might be slightly  
different in results because ECJ bug fixes and improvements will shift  
the random number sequence slightly (evolutionary computation is a  
stochastic process) but the format will be more or less the same.


On Mar 16, 2011, at 4:52 AM, Jimin Park wrote:

> I am a beginner in using ECJ.
> I have tried out the tutorial 14 from the website.
> http://www.cs.gmu.edu/~eclab/projects/ecj/docs/tutorials/tutorial4/index.html
> and the output I get is different from the tutorial.
> Attached is the screen shots of what I got and what it is supposed  
> to be.
> Could somebody tell me what is wrong with it?
> ps. I have followed exactly what was told in the tutorial.