Hello all,
*The White House Tour is April 8 at 9:30am!*  This is a Friday, I would 
have like to secure some support from the University but unfortunately, 
I could not, given the time frame.  However, this is a *FREE tour,* *no 
cost to ABFAS group*. 

The tours are usually 2hrs long, unless you have lots of questions, and 
so it will probably take until 12 pm or so.

*If you will like to attend please send me the following info by this 
Friday March 25.*  This info will be given to the White Security staff 
for security check before taking the tour.  You may invite 1 additional 
guest with no cost to them, child or adult and there information must 
also be provided.

*_Last name_   _First name _  _Middle initial_  _SS#_  _Date of birth_  
_Country of birth_  _Are you a citizen yes or no_  _Gender_  _Current 
residence_ _State of residence

Take care and hope you can make it. --Collette