Good Morning ABFAS & Mason Colleagues,

As we celebrate Woman's History Month, please join us for a conference call 
*TODAY*, March 16th from *noon-1pm* hosted by Mariama Boney, Director of 
University Information.

**We will have a sister circle discussion about Empowering Black and African 
Heritage Women in Higher Education. Please *call 703-993-9509*. You will be 
asked for the *password* *39509*.

Lanitra Berger, Director in the Honors College will share reflections on how 
sisters can empower each other.

Then we will reflect upon and discuss the following:

1. What accomplishments have been made by Black and African Heritage women in 
Higher Education over the past 10 years?
2. What challenges still exist for Black and African Heritage women in Higher 
3. When you think about what you want people to know about being a Black or 
African Heritage woman in Higher Education, what main things do you want them to 
4. What initiatives or programs would you like to be in place for Black or 
African Heritage women in Higher Education at Mason?

For more information on the Association of Black faculty, Administrators, and 
Staff (ABFAS) at Mason, visit our website today at

Thanks to all for your continued support of ABFAS.

Have a great day,