The text online looks good. It would be great to have a more extensive text my students can use in my annual OOP-ABM course.


I would continue to go with series of very simple with tutorials. Many folks have just learned simple Java, and now want to use Mason. I use one red fish wandering around a grid, then a red and a blue fish, then lots of red and blue fish, then red fish eat blue fish on contact, then eating with new ones popping in. Another favorite is 1000 particles wandering randomly around and one still particle in the middle. Any particles that touch a still particle become still as well (code immediately returns to the sim when stepped). This is a great counter-intuitive accretion algorithm which demonstrates emergence. It is extremely short code with cool results.


Anyway, extremely simple examples in the book are better than anything more complex, given that more complex examples are in the toolkit itself. However, examples later on of connections with ECJ, etc. would be helpful as well.


Just some ideas.





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Hi Sean,


My view is that it would be helpful to have an Introduction to Java chapter where you use the 'essential' features of MASON to introduce Java. This then will be useful for us who want to teach Agent-based Computational Economics using MASON to business/economics students (who have near-zero programming experience or some experience with R, Matlab and/or EViews).


I would also welcome a tutorial that demonstrate the use of MASON with ECJ, particularly in the empirical calibration of the MASON model.  





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On 30 Dec 2010, at 03:24, Sean Luke wrote:

I'm working on a MASON manual which will detail more or less every feature of the system at present.  Unlike the ECJ manual, which is just that, I'd also like to have one or two tutorials and a bit of discussion about agent-based simulation.  Anyway, I've put out the first chapter and a running (far from final) title.  The first chapter is a tutorial largely cribbed from the WCSS 2008 tutorial.  Thought you might be interested.