I have tried to set up the genome size in the program code.
(I am loading the parameters from the file, however I want to set up some 
parameters in the program code.)
I plan also to "move" all the parameters from .params file to the program code.

Currently I can not somehow access the .setGenomeLength, for particular 
individual althoug I can access some of the other functions like 

public void evaluate(final EvolutionState state, 
                             final Individual[] ind, // the individuals
                             final boolean[] updateFitness, // should this 
individuals' fitness be updated?                                                
                                                                // to
                             final boolean countVictoriesOnly, // can be 
neglected in cooperative coevolution
                             int[] subpops, final int threadnum) {
                            // evaluate together
                 ind[0].setGenomeLength(10);      ->> problem is here !

I suspect that it has to do something with cloning,etc. but I am not sure.
Perhaps even better solution is to set up all the parameters within the program 

instead of reading them from the file.  I want to set up also the genome length 
among the other parameters.
But how ?

Any suggestion/example how to do this initialization in run() ?