The Center for Global Education (CGE) invites you this weekend to browse
our list of (over 32!) summer programs by clicking above. There are several NEW
programs in particular we recommend you consider:

BRAZIL: Portugese Language in Florianopolis NEW Fulfill your entire
9-credit language 
requirement over 6 weeks of intensive study instead of 
2 semesters!
Introductory Portugese will be offered.

GERMANY, DENMARK & SWEDEN: Renewable Energy in Europe NEW
A unique opportunity to study cutting-edge energy developments across three
different European countries. Credits available in Physics or EVPP.

KENYA: Wildlife Ecology and Field Science NEW Internships (field work) 
opportunities in conjuction with the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and
the Smithsonian. 

RUSSIA: Russia in the Global Economy NEW Explore and discuss Russia's
integration into the global economy, including international trade, global
financial markets, production patterns, and labor markets.

Environmental Science and Conservation NEW
Visit Portugal and the Southwestern section of Spain, known as Andalusia, as
examples of Mediterranean Ecosystems. Program led by Dr. Larry Rockwood

Arts & Culture toward Social Change NEW
Indulge in the splendor of arts and culture in Trinidad & Tobago by touring
costume-making houses, The Carnival Institute, spoken-word events, jazz
outlets, art galleries & centres, theatre houses and more.

The CGE calendar, which lists upcoming CGE events, including kiosks
and information sessions. Next week CGE will be present at two events:
Mason Meets Moscow and Honors Opportunities Abroad

February 15 : Spring (funded) 2012 Semester Program in Russia  
February 18: Summer Internship placements in Israel & Palestine

Have a warm and restful weekend.

all best,
Kevin Stoy
Marketing Coordinator | Center for Global Education
Instructor | School of Management
George Mason University
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