Dear Master's students,
I want to let you know that you can check your degree progress using 
Patriot Web. Once you are registered for classes, you'll be able to see 
what coursework is still needed for the degree requirements.  It's 
terrific!  PhD students do not get this opportunity, only Master's 
students (and undergrads) so you /are/ special.  Here are the 
step-by-step instructions:   Please contact me 
if a course you have taken does not show up on the degree audit.

Also, there is some information to look over about forming a research 
committee and completing a thesis or project. It's never too soon to 
plan ahead ! Visit the website  under "Master's students". 

Last but not least be sure to check out the Rubrics on that page for 
some guidance since faculty use these to grade your efforts.

Best wishes for a successful semester!
Diane St. Germain

Diane St. Germain

Coordinator, Graduate Academic Programs

*Biology, Biosciences, Bioinformatics*

*George Mason University*

MS 5B3, 10900 University Blvd. Manassas, VA 20110

*Phone* (703) 993-4263, *Fax* (703) 993-8976