I'm very new to MASON.
I have run all the tutorials and other sim examples and read the available 
doc.s. I searched the archives but couldn't find any clues for the below issue.

I want to simulate a sensor network composing of static sensor nodes which 
monitor a road for passing-by objects. These mobile objects are in different 
shapes and areas. I want to sensor nodes would sense the object not by its 
center coordinates but by its area. For example a car object would have a 
small rectangle area wrt that of a bus object. 

Unfortunately I could not locate any similar example in the above resourse 
(even there are some ref.s to non-point objects). All the agents simulated in 
the examples are point objects whose loc.s are stored in Contineous2D. 
Sensing is mostly done by the provided methods of the class 
(getObjectsExactlyWithinDistance, etc) comparing objects central 
coordinates. I coded a similar approach but sensor nodes did not recognize an 
object until its center enters their coverage range, which is not correct model 
for me.

I will appriciate if you can share any documents or example (similar) codes for 
that purpose.

By the way, the tutorials are OK and associated sim.s are abundant, but a 
more detailed introduction of how the MASON classes can be used is 
necessary for easing the learning curve.  

Thank you all.
Dr. Murat Karakaya