thanks for your reply. I have taken your advice of not moving param
files and I reckon it's not a surprise, but the Tut4 runs smoothly:)

However I checked all paths and param content and it seems ok... I
tried the same set-up on a different machine and it worked. I leave it
like that, still some other work to do of learning ECJ.

Thanks for again for your help and in general for your dev/support of ECJ.



On 5 December 2010 16:56, Sean Luke <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Calle, this is really mystifying me -- it works fine here on our machines.
>  Could you run it like this:
> java ec.Evolve -file c:\temp\tutorial4.params -p print-params=true
> ... and let me know what the output is.  It SOUNDS like you have a parameter
> file which doesn't have any parameters in it: specifically, ec.params.  Any
> chance you copied that incorrectly?  Moving parameter files around is
> strongly discouraged btw, for various reasons.
> Sean