Dear CFRS and TCOM Students,

This information came from Dr. Allnutt, the director of M.S. in Computer 
Forensics, regarding CFRS 661/TCOM 661 for Summer 2011 semester.  Thank you.


Dear CFRS and TCOM students:

To help you schedule your courses over the spring and summer 2011
semesters, I wanted you to know that we plan on offering TCOM 661/CFRS
661 in summer 2011, in addition to CFRS 500.

CFRS/TCOM 661 Digital Media Forensics will be taught in summer 2011 on a
Monday-Tuesday schedule in the 7:20 - 10:00 p.m. time slot.  The
scheduled instructor is Dr. Aleks Lazarevich.

Many thanks,

Jeremy Allnutt