Hi all,

This is a question about Geomason.

//reada the worl mapshapefile
worldMap = new WorldMap(this);
//inheritics the GeomPortrayal with an updated draw.
colorWorldPetroleumPortrayal=new ColorWorldPetroleumPortrayal(new SimpleColorMap(0.0, 2000.0, Color.BLACK, Color.RED),this); 
  public void draw(Object object, Graphics2D graphics, DrawInfo2D info)
    MasonGeometry gm= (MasonGeometry) object;
    ArrayList<AttributeField> arrayL= (ArrayList<AttributeField>)gm.geometry.getUserData();
    Iterator itr= arrayL.iterator();
    AttributeField attriField;
     attriField = (AttributeField) itr.next();
     if (attriField.name.equals("CNTRY_NAME"))
     paint = colorMap.getColor(getAgent((String) attriField.value));
     // System.out.println(getAgent((String) attriField.value) + "  "+ attriField.value);



        super.draw(object, graphics, info);  



The above codes works well. But what it fails to do is to update the map after each step despite  the use of: display = new Display2D(755, 405, this, 1).

Note the the colors of the map is updated (reflecting the new values as) when I click on it (it seems that the mouseclick forces it to update). How can I force it to repaint after each step? I tries the:
without success. 

Any help?

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