Print has given us an effective deadline for switching to Google  
Code. is moving from the CollabNet software over to a new  
system.  As part of that we have to add the MASON and ECJ project  
names to have it switched over, else they'll get purged.

By November 30.

I think this is as good a time as any to switch the whole kit and  
caboodle over to Google Code and just let purge 'em as a  
result.  I'll go ahead and do the transition, but any existing MASON  
and ECJ developers with write access to the MASON or ECJ repositories,  
or associated contrib repositories, will need to get accounts on  
Google Code and let me know personally what those accounts are so I  
can include them on the new repository.  I'm learning the Way of  
Google Code myself, so please be patient.

We'll be doing SVN, not Mercurial, on Google Code.