Hello History Graduate Students,

Please see below for Dr. Yevette Jordan's course description for spring 


*HIST 535/002 CRN 16971 /Women and Global Issues /(Yevette Jordan) Tues. 
7:20-10:00 pm_

This course explores a variety of issues around the world to assess 
their impact on women's lives, experiences, and opportunities.Women's 
issues or explored in local, comparative and transnational contexts.The 
materials in this course draw from a wide variety of disciplines 
including gender studies, legal studies, labor studies, sociology, 
anthropology, history, economics and feminist theory.The course takes an 
intersectional approach to the study of global issues by examining how 
differently situated women are affected by and help to shape structural, 
political and cultural systems that largely define women as mothers and 
wives and sources of cheap labor.While noting general commonalities in 
women's experiences, the course pays close attention to the ways that 
stratifications of class, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, and 
sexuality produce different levels of inequality among women and men. 
While the course readings will cover women's issues in a variety of 
countries, it also will focus on more in-depth country studies.

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