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*    GRAND Seminar


The role of data mining and statistics in the financial
service industry


Oct/26/2010, Tuesday noon-1:00pm. ENGR 4201


Antonello Loddo
Manager of Statistical Analysis at Capital One


The role of data mining and statistical analysis in the financial
service industry has changed dramatically due to the increasingly large
amount of data that companies are able to process. As a consequence,
countless opportunities for data professionals, both inside financial
corporations and in analytics companies servicing the sector, have been
created. At Capital One, data analysts play important roles in
improving tools and processes, and influencing decision-making. We will
examine the main problems facing data analysts in financial companies,
how they are tackling them, and their impact on strategic and tactical

*Short Bio*

Antonello Loddo is a statistical analysis manager at Capital One
Financial, where he works on improving tools, processes and best
practices for predictive modeling and business decisions. Prior to
joining Capital One in 2006, Antonello completed his PhD in statistics
at the University of Missouri, Columbia, where he worked as a
statistical consultant for the University of Missouri Social Science
Statistics Center. Antonello grew up in Cagliari, Italy, where
completed his undergraduate studies in economics and worked as
econometrician for the transportation research center CRIMM. His
interests include Bayesian methods, statistical simulation, machine
learning, and model selection.

*Jyh-Ming Lien*
Assistant Professor, George Mason University