Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,
Did you know that Dr. Yuntao Wu's PhD student, Beatrix Meltzer, and others are bicycling from New York City to Washington, DC - 330 miles over 4 days -  to raise money for AIDS research?  Bea has been working with University Life here at the PW campus, and College of Science Development office at Fairfax to see if we can raise some money to help with the NYC-DC AIDS bike ride coming up next weekend -- Sept. 23 through 26.   Bea Meltzer has listed $3,000 for her personal goal, and she's almost there. With your donation, no matter how much, I know she can reach her fund raising goal.

This is the 3rd year for the NYC-DC AIDS ride for research, which benefits the research efforts of our own Dr. Yuntao Wu in the Molecular and Microbiology Dept. You can find out more, and also make a donation online,  by visiting the NYC-DC Ride for Research website.
 Please send this email along to those who may be willing to help Bea reach her fund raising goal - she is almost there!

thank you,

Diane St. Germain

Diane St. Germain

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