If you are planning on graduating this Fall with either an MS or certificate, then you need to file your intent to graduate ASAP.

Also, once you sign up for your Fall classes, please check your degree evaluation in Patriot Web.  It should indicate that all of the degree requirements have been satisfied.  If you find some courses are missing that you think should be applied to your MS degree, please notify me ASAP with a brief description of what the problem is.  The degree evaluation tool currently works only for the MS degree; for the certificates you still need to fill out a paper graduation application in addition to filling an intent to graduate.

Even if you are not graduating this coming semester, you should check your degree evaluation.  It is the most up-to-date indicator of how you are progressing toward completing your degree.  And, the sooner you notify me of any "errors", the more likely it is that I can get them straightened out before they interfere with graduation.

Dr. Linda Davis
Associate Chair
Department of Statistics
George Mason University 
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