Agreed. I really think you should make the break to a Distributed VCS like Git or Mercurial in the process. A lot of Eclipse projects are moving from CVS/SVN to Git. It should make a big difference in terms of people being able to contribute to and morph code and then having the forks be able to merge back together down the road. It will be an interesting shift in software ecologies with I think unexpected ramifications. For example, I'm thinking that while now forking is seen as damage that paradoxically it might provide more integration between projects as various projects are able to make the kinds of local modifications to to other systems that allow them to fit into their own projects. Such modifications then could be re-integrated once various stable configurations arose from local needs. It feels potentially like a much more dynamic creative process is possible with less of the kind of open source stove-piping we're all used to. though I must say that right now I can't even figure out how to get Git to work with two developers merging code.

BTW, MASON is BSD, right? Would you guys ever consider releasing it under an EPL license as well? It would be nice to be able to integrate schedulers and other API components directly into Eclipse runtime. 

On Aug 19, 2010, at 1:27 PM, Sean Luke wrote:

> On Aug 19, 2010, at 4:08 PM, Mike Little wrote:
>> We've used Mercurial with much success - chosen primarily because
>> we have multiple sites that periodically update to each other (e.g. we
>> do not have direct network connectivity). I don't have any experience
>> with SVN so can't comment regarding pros/cons between the two.
>> Besides a different source code management platform and a more
>> public hosting server, any other motivations for relocation?
> Nope.  But those are pretty big reasons.

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