Thanks Sean. 

At the moment, the quickest way for me was to add an 'ArrayList of the agents' my class that extends the SimState. Using the Model tab, somehow, I can access to the state of the agent using the magnifying icon. The only annoying think is that when I re-start the simulation, the object is 'lost' and I have to re-open it. 

I will follow your advice. 

On 12 Aug 2010, at 00:03, Sean Luke wrote:

On Aug 11, 2010, at 6:11 PM, vlasios voudouris wrote:

Using the MultiTimeSeriesChartGenerator, I have 93 timeseries charts (one for each of the 93 countries/agents that are of interest to us).

What I want is to add an inspector to these charts so that when I click on the chart I can view and modify state of the country/agent.

I see.  The basic problem is that the charting facility has no backpointers to the MASON core -- it just stores and updates raw data as it comes streaming in.  So you'll need to create a backpointer of some sort.

I can't speak to MultiTimeSeriesChartGenerator (this is I think not a MASON-standard class, right?), but let's consider TimeSeriesChartGenerator.  Each series plotted on the chart has an associated XYSeries and an associated TimeSeriesAttributes.  In this case what I would do is modify the TimeSeriesAttributes to hold onto the underlying object generating this property, and include a button where you can click on the attributes to pop up an inspector.  This is quite a bit of work right now, I'm afraid.