Sure.  If you have a method called getEngine() which returns an  
Engine, you'll get an inspector for the Car which has a slot called  
"Engine".  Next to it you'll see a magnifying glass icon.  Click on it  
and choose "View" and an Inspector for the Engine will pop up in a  
separate window.  This works not just for objects but for collections  
of objects (Bags, arrays, ArrayLists, etc.) too.

What MASON doesn't have right now is a single browser-style inspector  
which wanders from object to object.  Perhaps an item for later.


On Aug 10, 2010, at 10:51 PM, Oliver Bown wrote:

> I am a Mason beginner and I apologise if I have missed the answer  
> elsewhere.
> Do any of the properties inspectors offered by Mason allow a  
> recursive view of contained fields? For example, if I had a class  
> Car with the method getEngine(), and Engine had methods  
> getNumCylinders() and getYearOfManufacture(), could I call up an  
> inspector that would look like this: