Dear Vlasios,

Attached are my attempts on creating multi-Y axes graphs (and stacked
time series) for Mason.

Those classes perform the same function as standard
TimeSeriesChartGenerator. For example, to use
MultiTimesSeriesChartGenerator I put in my *WithGUI the following

opiumTradingChart = new MultiTimeSeriesChartGenerator();
opiumTradingChart.setTitle("Opium trading");
opiumTradingChart.addSeries(myReporter.opiumTradeVolume, null, 0);
opiumTradingChart.addSeries(myReporter.opiumSellOrders, null, 1);
opiumTradingChart.addSeries(myReporter.opiumBuyOrders, null, 2);
opiumTradingFrame = opiumTradingChart.createFrame(this);

Last argument for addSeries is index of axis on which time series is
to be placed. The effect is shown in attached pdfs (saved using save
to pdf button).

Caveats: in ChartGenerator (in I had to change:

/** The chart */
       protected JFreeChart chart;


/** The chart */
       public JFreeChart chart;

and added method:

public void addLegend() {

if (chart.getLegend() == null) {

LegendTitle title = new LegendTitle(chart.getXYPlot());
title.setLegendItemGraphicPadding(new org.jfree.ui.RectangleInsets(0,
8, 0, 4));chart.addLegend(title);

to be able to access through code properties of JFreeChart objects for
which there was no setter and getter provided and do stuff like change
fonts and save graphs to pdf automatically at the end of run. It
should not be required to get those two classes to work in principle

The code is not 100% complete, sometimes left hand axis loses color
and I have not tied in all controls.

Hope it helps,