On Wed, 21 Jul 2010 10:01:56 -0400, Sean Luke <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>Ah no, definitely not a bug.  But certainly a misfeature for you.
>If you enter the seed into the GUI's seed text field, you'll get the
>same behavior as running non-gui.  But of course you want to specify
>the seed programmatically.  It's not a bug because in a GUI the user
>expects to be able to set that text field, not have it overridden.
>For the moment, you can just comment out that line, and the GUI will
>never change the seed.  But I have to mull over a better approach for
>you which doesn't get weird for GUI users.  There's gotta be a way....

Stupid me. Didn't remember this "misfeature" in the GUI. It shouldn't be a 
problem for me because I was only looking for a way to reproduce a 
simulation with visualization (prior saving time doing some batch simulations 
without visualization).

Thanks for helping,