I'm monitoring a strange behavior of MASON using the same simulation with 
and without a GUI.
I'm creating my non gui simulation by using 

	public Trophic01Sim(long seed) {
		super(new MersenneTwisterFast(seed), new ScheduleExtended());

Setting seed to 1 will cause an exhausted simulation (no events because all 
my agents died) after 214 steps.

Invoking the same simulation with a gui by using

	public Trophic01SimWithUI() {
		this(new Trophic01Sim(1));

will lead to a different result (my simulation reaches some sort of equilibrium 
and won't stop).

Even changing the non gui constructor to

	public Trophic01Sim(long seed) {
		super(new MersenneTwisterFast(1), new ScheduleExtended());

has no effect. I get the same result for the non gui version after 214 steps but 
with the gui I get an equilibrium.

I don't use or manipulate MersenneTwisterFast but it is used by the Schedule 
class for shuffling the events at the same time step.

Is there (an intended) different behavior between gui and non gui simulations? 
For me it is a disturbing feature/bug because I'd like to do some simulation 
runs without the gui (much faster) and run the interesting ones with a gui for 
visualization (but getting different results).

Please help,