Okay, here's what I've done.  I've modified the Console and SimState  
code so that if you hard-code a seed in your GUIState constructor,  
it'll appear in the Console that way when you fire up the simulation.   
This way you can visualize your model under the same seed as when you  
run it from the command line.  Let's say you want to visualize the  
Flockers model using the seed "16".  You can change the FlockersWithUI  
constructor from

     public FlockersWithUI()
         super(new Flockers(System.currentTimeMillis()));


     public FlockersWithUI()
         super(new Flockers(16));

... and it should run under the Console seeded with 16.

I've just done the commits for it.  Joerg, try them out and tell me if  
it works for you.  This SHOULD be invisible to everyone else.


On Jul 21, 2010, at 4:23 PM, Joerg Hoehne wrote:

> Stupid me. Didn't remember this "misfeature" in the GUI. It  
> shouldn't be a
> problem for me because I was only looking for a way to reproduce a
> simulation with visualization (prior saving time doing some batch  
> simulations
> without visualization).