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Hi everybody.  I truly apologize if you get multiple copies of this  

I am working on a grant proposal to support further development,  
improvement, and significant expansion of the ECJ toolkit.  My goal is  
to move ECJ towards a general-purpose, industrial-grade metaheuristics  
toolkit.  As part of this proposal I need to gather evidence of ECJ's  
historical use over the last ten years, and particularly its current  
use.  Here are examples of evidence (there could be lots more):

	- Use of ECJ in published or unpublished research
	- Use of ECJ in education
	- Use of ECJ in dissertations and theses of all kinds [VERY HELPFUL]
	- Use of ECJ in commercial work [ALSO VERY HELPFUL]
	- In-house use of ECJ of any kind
	- Extensions to ECJ available online
	- Tutorials or manuals about ECJ (other than my own)

For publications and theses etc. it'd be particularly helpful (but not  
required -- I'll do the legwork) if you provided me with BibTeX entries.

Also I'd appreciate some pull quotes I could use describing any of the  

	- How you use the system
	- Your opinion of the system
	- How well we have provided support over the last ten years

Last, I'd like some opinions on directions we should take in extending  
ECJ.  Here are some I have in mind.  Which matter most to you?  What  
am I missing that you'd really like to see?

	- Better internal software testing (unit tests, etc.)
	- Better reporting and parameter sweeping
	- A usable GUI
	- Simplification
	- Frameworks for easier parallel computing
	- More and better representations (Note: grammatical evolution, PUSH,  
and maybe NEAT are on their way)
	- More and better multiobjective optimization support (note: NSGA-II  
is on the way).
	- Ant colony optimization, GRASP, and other combinatorial methods
	- Optimization with hard constraints
	- Good single-state optimization support (hill-climbing, simulated  
annealing, tabu search, ILS)
	- Good memetic / hybrid algorithm support
	- Diversity maintenance methods
	- Heavily revised support for DE and PSO

	- What else would you really like to see?

Which SPECIFIC algorithms and/or representations would you like to see

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide along these lines!   
Anything is helpful.

Sean Luke
George Mason University
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