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Hi there George Mason class of 2014 and transfer students!

It was really cool meeting you last week during orientations. Thanks a ton
for joining our listserv and expressing interest in study abroad!

Remember, most Mason students study abroad their 2nd or 3rd year.
That means if you're coming to Mason as a Junior you need to have a
sense of urgency about studying abroad. More and more brave freshmen
are also choosing to go abroad right away. You could be abroad earning
credits toward your degree as early as the end of December!

Check them out:


The most important thing for you to remember in terms of your studies
abroad in your time at Mason is to PLAN. The more you plan, the
more you'll get out of your study abroad experience.

Here are two quick examples:

1) Let's say I'm a freshman who's majoring in Communication and
I know I want to someday work for a PR firm like Bell Pottinger.
Searching CGE programs by discipline lands me on a winter break
program on Public Relations in London.


I might decide I should go on that program in January of 2012, and if
I really enjoyed that experience in London, I could even go back for
an entire summer on an International Internship. That way I'd be
working toward my goal and my degree by gaining professional,
global and academic experience
all at once.

2) Let's say I'm a sophomore who anticipates I can only go abroad one
time, whether it's because of finances or other limitations. I want to be
sure I go exactly where I want to (Italy? Japan?) while still earning the
credits I need to graduate. I'd first want to make sure I was studying 
Italian or Japanese on campus
in preparation for my trip. Knowing
the host country's native tongue will grant you far greater access to that
country's people, ideas, history and culture.

That said, all semester programs have courses taught in English.
Several such programs are listed here. The semester program in
Florence is one of my favorites as are Direct Exchange semester
programs to Sophia (Tokyo) or Momoyama (Osaka). A CGE
student learning Japanese archery in Osaka is pictured below.


Last but not least, look for CGE this fall when you arrive on campus.
We'll have booths during welcome week where you can meet students
who have gone abroad on our programs, a Study Abroad Night in 
President's Park, a Photo Contest in the JC and several Info Sessions
in case you feel like you need to learn more.   

Again, it's great to meet you and I can't wait to see your faces on campus
this September! Welcome to Mason and have a great 4th of July weekend!

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See you soon,
Kevin Stoy
Marketing Coordinator, Center for Global Education
Instructor, School of Management
George Mason University