I've run MASON on a number of different combos. I've found it runs slowest on a Mac, and the fastest I've had is on a machine with Ubuntu and Java 6 (had to override the crappy linux version of Java). I don't know if it was significantly faster than Windows, and obviously it depends on the machine. Hope that helps. 


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Anyone with any experience running large simulations using MASON on different OS/JVM combinations?
My gut instinct tells me an X-less Linux box running a recent Sun JVM would be my best bet for speed, but I'm an OS agnostic.

To date the largest ABM I have helped build runs in Repast 3 (not my choice, I might add ;) and it's only possible to test it on Windows. There are Java benchmarks out there I know, but none that I can see based around (GUI-less) MASON ABMs.

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