You're probably looking for setting up a Chart as a Display -- a  
permanent fixture in your simulation, appearing under the Displays  
list, rather than something the user generates on his own.  That way  
you can customize it however you like.

I don't have an example for doing this with a Histogram.  However the  
process is *very* similar to how it's done with Time Series charts,  
and there's an example of that in docs/howto.html  ("How to Add a Time- 
Series Chart Programmatically").

At 5:51 PM, Paul Smaldino wrote:

> Hi,
> I really like the ability to make a dynamic histogram, as shown in the
> Heatbugs demo. I'm interested in customizing it so I can pre-set the  
> axis
> labels, range, number of bins, colors, etc.  However, I'm not sure  
> how to go
> about doing this. Can anyone help point me in the right direction?
> Thanks!
> -Paul
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