Hello FAST TRAIN Students, Faculty, and Staff,

This is just a reminder that Mason will have an internet blackout this 
weekend while all campus servers are moved to a new building.  The 
following services will be affected: *Mason websites, Mason e-mail, 
Patriot Web/Banner Self-Service, Copier Card Readers, MESA, credit card 
and some Mason Money transaction services* and other services that 
reside on servers affected by the move.

Blackboard will *not* be affected.

We will go dark beginning at 5PM on Friday, and will have restored 
service by Monday, June 7 at 8AM. 


Jennifer Coarts
Coordinator, FAST TRAIN Programs
George Mason University
4260 Chain Bridge Road, A1
Fairfax, VA 22030

Ph: 1-703-993-3602    Fax: 1-703-246-8996