Dear Students

I have received numerous messages from students concerned that they will not be able to take classes with members of their original cohort.  We have high enrollment in all of our classes, and many of them are being split.  Let me be clear about what is happening with these courses:

EDCI516 - has just added a second section.  The split between those courses is TBD.  It may be by program (both ESL and elementary students take this course) or by another way.  I will be sending out a brief survey to 516 students on Monday to determine the breakdown of this course.

EDCI 519 - will likely be split by teaching experience.  This course will be co-taught by both instructors, so students will spend part of the class together as a large group, then part of the class in small groups depending on experience and/or some other factors.  I have already sent a survey out about this. If you are registered for the course, please respond ASAP.

EDCI 777 - is divided by program.  Elementary students will be with Dr. Shaklee (formerly with Dr. Illmer).  ESL students have their own course.  There may be some parts of the course where both groups come together, but that will be a small portion of the class, and most likely during presentations.

We are NOT honoring any requests to be in a special section of a course, or to be put into a class with certain other students.  I appreciate that many of you have formed strong relationships with fellow students throughout the program, but we are being purposeful in how we divide these sections to create a rich learning environment for new and returning students, novice and experienced teachers, Elementary and ESL participants.  Please, do not contact FAST TRAIN requesting a certain section of the course.  We will no longer be responding to these emails individually. 

Safe journeys and we'll see you soon.

Jennifer Coarts
Coordinator, FAST TRAIN Programs
George Mason University
4260 Chain Bridge Road, A1
Fairfax, VA 22030

Ph: 1-703-993-3602    Fax: 1-703-246-8996