CGE students outside of the UN European Headquarters

COOL OFF! Imagine yourself in Switzerland this winter break! For the third consecutive January,
CGE will send students to Fribourg, a charming medieval city surrounded by majestic mountains and famous
for its longstanding multicultural humanistic tradition.

Using frameworks provided by economics, political science, international relations, and international law,
the program will ask questions like, What are functions of international organizations? How can international
organizations diminish or solve collective action problems? Are they successful in doing so? What are the
main obstacles faced by international organizations?  

POTENTIAL SITE VISITS: United Nations ~ World Trade Organization (WTO) ~ European Parliament 
International Labor Organization (ILO) ~ International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) ~ Council of Europe 
United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) ~ European Court of Human Rights

LEADERSHIP: Professor Irina Aervitz, Global Affairs, George Mason University

CREDITS: For 3 credits in Global Affairs or Government. The program is ideal for Global Affairs and
Government & International Politics majors, including those minoring in Legal Studies or Global Systems.
Graduate credits will be offered as well.

  Sarah Mournighan, (703)993-2106 or [log in to unmask]



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Have a great weekend and to those of you new to Mason, WELCOME!

Kevin Stoy
Marketing Coordinator
The Center for Global Education
George Mason University