The int constructor was deprecated, then removed.

You're in luck!  It's a simple fix: don't pass in an integer to the  
Schedule.  It no longer needs it.  Or just hack the Schedule to add a  
constructor like:

	public Schedule(int i) { this(); }

The integer used to state how many priorities the Schedule allowed.   
Nowadays that number is always infinity.  There's no reason for the  
number any more.


On May 21, 2010, at 3:00 AM, Michael Lees wrote:

> Hi,
> I just picked up some old MASON code I wrote a few years ago.
> I have just thrown everything back together and most things seem  
> fine. I can't remember exactly what version of Mason I was using  
> then (perhaps 10 or 11?).
> The only problem is a call to the Schedule constructor which takes  
> an integer argument.
> The compiler doesn't like that, and looking at the new Code I have  
> downloaded, I cannot see a sim.engine.Schedule int constructor.
> However, the online javadoc ( 
> ) seems to contain the following?
> Schedule(int numOrders)
>           Creates a Schedule.
> The local Javadoc with v14 doesn't contain this constructor. I'm  
> guessing it was deprecated somewhere and the online docs aren't up  
> to date.
> So, are there alternatives to this constructor in v14? Or do I have  
> to revert to an older version of Mason?
> Thanks
> -Mike Lees