Dear CFRS Students,

This message came from Dr. Allnutt, Director of MS in Computer Forensics 
(CFRS) program, regarding CFRS degree requirements.  Please review it 
carefully.  If you have any question, please send e-mail to Dr. Allnutt, 
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Dear CFRS students:

I would like to let you know about two courses offered this coming fall, 
CFRS 590 and CFRS 780.

CFRS 590 Introduction to Digital Forensics Analysis has recently been 
approved as a regular computer forensics course CFRS 510 Digital 
Forensics Analysis Procedures.  It counts as an elective in the MS in 
Computer forensics program.  If you have taken it, or will take it, you 
will need to complete a substitution/waiver form to show CFRS 590 (or 
CFRS 510) is an elective in your CFRS program.

CFRS 780 is the number given to Advanced Topics courses and we will be 
having one this fall CFRS 780 Counter Forensics.  If you are graduating 
in fall 2010 and believe you cannot graduate because we are not offering 
CFRS 790 in fall 2010, you may take CFRS 780 and have it count for CFRS 
790 (using the substitution/waiver form noted earlier).  We will be 
offering CFRS 790 in spring 2011.

I have already communicated with you regarding CFRS 760, which we are 
unable to offer this fall, and that you may register for PUAD 700 in its 
place.  PUAD 700 is being offered in the summer session, should you be 
interested.  Please let me know if you want to take it as there is a 
specific procedure you should use.

Many thanks,

Jeremy Allnutt

Toshiko Uchiyama
Program Administrator
M.S. in Telecommunications Program
M.S. in Computer Forensics Program
Phone:  703-993-3810
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