Attention students interested in the cutting edge of entrepenuerial studies abroad.

This summer Mason's Center for Global Education will train a select group of students
then send them to Kenya to gain hands-on experience in a method of poverty alleviation
IP Value Capture:

The method of IP Value Capture is being applied to products throughout Africa such as
Ethipopian coffee, Ugandan vanilla, and Mozambique cashews, and there have already
been noticable results. An upcoming meeting for t
he African IP Trust will include the
particpation of:

     --Paul Boateng, the former British Ambassador to S. Africa
Congresswoman Diane Watson
Carrie La Crosse, Head of IP at the State Department
The Prime Minister of Ethiopia

Clearly, IP Value Capture is an up-and-coming business approach on many important
peoples' minds.
Interested in learning more? Email faculty director Dr. Brindle by clicking on her name
or calling the program's administrator,
Erin Mateu, at
703.993.3864. The program will
offer academic
credit in Public and International Affairs (GOVT 329 & PUAD 654),
Conflict Analysis (CONF 385) and is seeking approval for both undergraduate and
graduate credits in Economics and New Century Learning.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kevin Stoy
Marketing Coordinator
Center for Global Education at George Mason University
Ph: (703)993-2132, Fx: (703)993-2153